During production of Inspector Sun I had the pleasure to contribute set designs in Unreal Engine as a way to viusalize them very early on, catching potential production problems down the line with cameras, lighting and overall design so they could still be addressed while in pre-production. Most of environment designs where designed in 2d by the rest of the vis dev team, only Shanghai & San Francisco (the biggest ones where I have the idea of using UE to show them to director) I did all the way through. After doing Shanghai (my second task in the show) with UE as a way to show director as a "fully" fledged design where he could see it very close to what potentially could look like in the end and not just 2d images of separate things to be worked out in post it became the way to do them all and we could discuss the characteristics of all of them live 1 on 1 and he could play with it on its own for shots and lighting. It also became a blueprint for vfx after and if not mistaken a few scenes where done in UE as final pixel.
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